Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I'm in love

I've finished, and I've blocked it!!!

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I love it. It's lacy and pretty and ethnic looking (don't ask why. it just is), but it wasn't made out of laceweight!!!!It took me... hmm, if you count the restarting, about 6 days! (Yes, I restarted it. I went from 56 stitches to 80...)

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It reminds me of witches and cauldrons and spiders and Harry Potter, so I feel like I should wear it this way (just because it reminds me of creepy old ladies in dark alleys with gnarled fingers):

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So no one can see my face if I cast a spell on them in a dark alley. *Cackle*
I'm very happy with it. I accidently did four repeats and a half (suppose to do 5). Not only that, but it was the wrong half of a repeat!!!


Sarah said...

OMG Pretty! I like the edges a lot. Is there a pattern for it?

Annie said...

That's beautiful. What pattern did you use? Please share... please?

Monique said...

Could it be this is the japanese feather and fan pattern?
You did some quick knitting!

Well done!

Found your blog through Ravelry!