Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Shoe #1

This is my favorite, but it's a little big. So it sometimes falls off, and I can't run in them (but that doesn't really matter.

(In a previous post I asked if there would be an objection to me post pictures of potential prom shoes)

Oh, yes, my prom is May 12. My AP history test is May 11, and I'm planning on failing (I really hope not, though).

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And on the knitting front, I have offically recieved my yarn for the shawl for prom. And by shawl, I mean wide scarf. I've decided to have points on either end, so I can easily pin it. I post some pictures when I have more to show (I've barely finished the first repeat).


The Meanest Bean of Them All said...

this is a cute shoe! Can't wait to see the other choices :) You know, you can always kick off your shoes once you get to Prom too!! :)

selva said...

nice blog....i feel comfortable with my Joseph seibel shoes..This sutes me much.....