Friday, January 25, 2008

Adventures in unsuccessful spinning

Yes, I'm learning to spin. No, it's not going well.

It starts as this:


Becomes this:


And then once I release the tension, it becomes this:


So far, this is the best I've gotten.

Photobucket I did this by simply keeping the singles under tension, and folding them in half , attaching to the spindle, and spinning. Not good for anything that is longer than a yard.

My dad, of course, being the engineer he is, came up with this:


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Heatherly said...

i think you might hav ebetter luck if you add a few CDs to your spindle. you need more weight to spin a heavier yarn and right now your spindle looks about the weight for lace.

and dont be afraid to pre draft the fiber as you get used to the whole idea of spinning :-)