Friday, October 17, 2008

Blocking Away

I love this shawl. I don't wear shawls, otherwise, I would be keeping this.

I'll have a really FO shot on Sunday or Monday. Sunday I'm going on a hike, and Monday I might get a photography major to do a photo shoot with me. (she can't take photo classes this year yet)

More later! (I'm bringing some out of state friends home this weekend!)


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous. I've been eyeing the Adamas pattern for quite some time now, but no yarn seemed appropriate. Yet. :P

And I'm good, thanks for asking! Things seem to be picking up at school, which is nice - it's been too dull and slow for my liking. We're going to start our exam projects soon, very excited about that. :)

I still wish I could get a job - I applied for one, but the woman in the store was not pleasant at ALL. So even if I'm lucky enough to get it, I'm not sure I could get through 3 months of intense Christmas shopping with her as my boss without blowing my brains out in the back room. ;) I'd actually rather work at a gas station!

How about you? College seems to be treating you well! How are you and Mike doing? :) Have you found a place to live yet?

Knit Happens said...

GORGEOUS, Sam. If we were still in high school, this would be that knitting project that you would knit in English, and I would reach across the desk to lovingly fondle and you would yell at me for touching your knitting, and I would say "but it's just so pretty!" and you would swat at me and tell me to make it myself and I would complain of my dislike of so much laceweight and Mrs. Gadd would yell at us.

Also love that blocking is a higher priority for your bed than sleep. The same goes here.