Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I Eat and Get for Free

So about December, I posted on the Sockoctober forum on Ravelry about how I have very little yarn. I have gotten more yarn since then, but now I'm officially a poor college student.

And someone offered to send me some of their yarn.

Umm, yes, please?

She was supposed to only send me this:

But she also sent this:

AND this (2 skeins):

Wow, I'm amazed at her generosity! I'm planning on using all three skeins for presents. The green will be socks for my uncle, the red for my nana and the pink and purple will be made into many hand warmers. At least that's the plan.

We were playing around with my camera yesterday, and McKayla took this picture.

I eat alot of carrots. I just realized that I might have a carrot addiction, I think I generally eat about 40 raw carrots a day. Maybe 20. But still that's alot of carrots.

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Miss Lu said...

gorgeous yarn. You should point your generous friends in my direction!