Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spinning Away.

Wow, that was the longest hiatus for a while, huh? And it wasn't even like I was too busy. Last night, I had the amazing realization that I had no homework - not only that, but I realized that I never have homework on tuesday or thursday nights!

So I haven't really been knitting, but I did bring my spinning wheel from my house this weekend to my dorm, and apparently the best time to spin is on while everyone else is playing Rock Band. I think it makes me spin faster - because I spin to the beat of the music.

I spun some lovely thin stuff, about 240 yds of 2-ply heavy laceweight.

I want to dye it purple or blue and make a lace scarf or cowl out of it.

Remember the Kangaroo Dyer? Sadly, the roving she gave me in April (?) is felted, but she is aware of the problem and has fixed her dyeing method so this won't happen.

But sadly, I still have that roving and can't spin it - it's spin able, but it's very difficult and slow going.

I took what I had an chain-plied it into a three ply.

Pretty though, huh? I'll try to figure out something to do with it... it's only 40 (?) yds.

So, those Millie Knee socks? I have the second one knit down to the top of the ankle bone and I have about 1.5 inches to go. I just hate 2x2 ribbing now, though. I keep bringing it to class, knitting it for a little, and giving up from boredom! But I'll slug along because they are just so beautiful!

And as for actual life, this Friday I'm going to New York on an art school trip, and visiting FIT! I also plan on meeting Shoelesswonder aka Jess (Ravelry link) at a yarn store (don't worry, McKayla is coming with me too!). Hopefully after we'll meet up with my friends, get food and go to the Met! This weekend will be good. When I find the rest of the batteries for my camera, I'll get some pictures of Millie. I'm sure I'll get alot of work done on the bus ride down to NYC. (I feel like I should knit another Baby surprise jacket because that was what I was knitting last time I went to NYC!)

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