Monday, December 22, 2008

Two Knitting FOs, One Sewing FO

Pattern: Hooray for Me Gloves
Yarn: Red Heart Heart and Sole
Needles: Size 2.25mm Circ
Mods: 3 extra rows on each finger.

Heart and Sole was nice and cheap, and it doesn't seem to be bad yarn, either. With coupons, a pair of socks can cost $6! Not bad.

Pattern: Garter Fingerless Mitts From Weekend Knitting
Yarn: My handspun, Ashland Bay Merino
Needles: Size 8
Mods: none.

I made these as a last minute gift for my cousin's girlfriend. The same time I decided to make my cousin himself a hat! I knew this would happen.

I made these last night for a gift for my friend Leyna. Finally, the short idea has not totally failed. Tight on me, but hopefully will fit Leyna.

Now, to make an elephant and a hat!

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Becks said...

I have that same fabric and made pj pants out of it!!! It's a small world!! Great Job!! They r adorable!!!