Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not Much Excitement .

Sorry I haven't posted in a while (I was all happy that I was posting every other day...). I've been preoccupied with a couple of things - first that I'm going back to school in like 4 days. This is mostly has included just looking at my room and trying to remember what stayed and what went original! Not to mention that my roommate wants me to move out asap (not gonna happen - I'm not going to be there for the next two weekends, and since alot of my stuff is still there, I can't really just move the day the dorms open up again!)

But anyways. I've not really been knitting, since that sweater that I'm making needed to be frogged AGAIN this weekend due to the SAME mistake. I also realized that my best friend's birthday is this monday, and that I owe her socks. So I started those, but since I'm making them two at a time, it's slow going.

Yes, I know they don't match.

Remember that cowl that I put out a pattern for recently? Well, I'm gonna have to frog it because it's too tight for my mom, so you make it, use size 8 or 9s. But I'm going to make her a cowl out of some lace weight that I spun and dyed, and make her a hat out of the frogged yarn! I also need to make my dad more fingerless mitts, only with a mitten flap this time, and my sister likes my Relm hat, so I'm going to make her a Porom (Oh, I am obsessed with hats. I don't want to knit anything else.). And before I go back to school, I have some roving and yarn to dye, and I need to decide if bringing all my knitting books is REALLY necessary. And pack.


Toile-dAraignee said...

Woah, why does McKayla want you to move out right now? I thought you were good friends?

Jolynn said...

Of course bringing ALL of your books is necessary! What if you need a pattern or a technique or or or... ^_^