Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Has Been On Hold

Silly me didn't start those gloves in the last FO post until the wednesday before my dad's birthday (giving me only a couple days to finish...needless to say, they were a weekend late!), so some really lovely things have been on hold - but are not any longer!

First, this sock. (for mike!)

I don't think this will fit him - it definitely needs another half inch, and it maybe too tight (which'll mean it'll be mine!). I cast on the other, but I want to knit some other things for a little bit.

Like, my two (how did that happen?) colorwork projects!

This pattern has been in the works since JULY. I started out with some purple/grey, but this red/white has been the sport weight version, and I have test knitters for the fingering weight version. I hope to have it released soon (maybe?), even if it means adding the fingering weight version's pictures later! I want these red ones to be a gift for my nana!

And, of course, the sweater, which I haven't touched in a week because I'm an awful person... and I do want to finish it by the end of the month (of course, it's the shortest month!).


Toile-dAraignee said...

Wow, everything's so pretty! Lovely sock for Mike, wonderful mitts for your dad, beeeautiful mittens, and pretty yoke! Happy... wednesday?

Meredith said...

Those socks are gorgeous. I can understand how you might not be too bummed if they're small for him. The color is great. What kind of yarn did you knit those with? I'm seriously coveting those socks suddenly. Did you follow a pattern, or just insert a stitch pattern into a basic sock? Please tell all!