Friday, March 20, 2009

Sewing, and a Bit of Knitting

I've been at the sewing again!

I've had this done for quite a while, but the strap and one of the handles were not added. It's a sleeve/case/carrier for my laptop - it's 17" and it's very hard to find a bag that fits it, and also that's comfortable and practical.

It's padded with a bit of quilt batting. I have a mental image of a better version of this - a black and white pattern (a little like my dress, but a larger pattern) with a yellow stripe, half as tall as the whole case, on the top (bright yellow) with a bit of cording in-between. And instead of batting, I want to use thin foam.

Anyways, I have been knitting a little. I've started and gotten partially through the other the sock of my roommate's (it's the Leyburn pattern), and am to the foot on another sock.

And as you can see, I had a minor issue with a harmony needle -entirely my fault, I had left it floating around in my bag.

But, then I went and found my sixth needle, and there was no problem after that! I'm off to a sleepover with some friends I haven't really hung out with in a while, and then tomorrow is my last day before I have to head back to school (my spring break was this past week). Hopefully the last part of the semester will be easier than the first - at least easier than this last week (two long essays were due, plus a test). I think it will be because I just have one more research paper to write and one to revise (the first draft was good, so I'm not worried). But this past week I've filled out applications for/given my name to six restaurants, and I'm applying to a natural food market too. Wish me luck!


Toile-dAraignee said...

Good luck with the jobs!

Very pretty socks, and lovely laptop case! Sucks about the needle, though. I'm glad they give you six! Haha, don't break another one ;).

floderten said...

Good luck with job hunting! :)

I almost wish I had to write papers instead of what we're doing. We have a little under 2 months to finish our 2nd semester project - there's so much research and planning and re-writing and it's HUGE. I'm a good writer, but I prefer smaller papers instead of a 40 page project that makes my stress levels hit purple...!

Jolynn said...

Love this fabric, too! Your sewing projects are lovely!

Michelle said...

The bag is fantastic! I love the fabric.