Monday, April 27, 2009

A Slice of Cheese and Two Socks

One is not my sock, though.

Saturday, I did alot. I went grocery shopping (well, college student grocery shopping - yogurt, crackers and shampoo) and got a little tiny bit of really good cheese. It was so little, I couldn't resist.

We ate it that night after dinner as a snack, it was rather salty, but very good!

And well, this weekend was Spring Fling - which was interesting. I don't drink so it was VERY interesting. Most of saturday was spent just walking around the "Village", the dorms below (I think we walked around them like four or five times and that is a long walk!), and getting sun burnt. By the time the concert was coming, we were tired and sun burnt.

N.E.R.D. came for a concert Saturday night, and my friend Honora, Mckayla and I stayed out for some of it, then we got annoyed with all the drunk people around us, and not really liking the music. We went back to my room watched West Side Story!

And actually, I started a sock - not "Sam" from Sock Innovation, but "Wanida"! The Sam pattern is done on 90 sts during the cable part - not something I want to do during finals. Wanida, though, had me squealing about how cute it was all last night, even though I did forget a column of yos, and had to rip back just a little during lunch today!

Still, so friggin cute and adorable and memorizable (give me another day, though)! They're for my mother for mother's day.


Mujercita said...

Yep, finals suck- I'm about to take a knitting break after finishing yet another paper. Knitting is keeping me sane this week.

I LOVE that sock. I've had my eye on that book; I may just have to order it...

Toile-dAraignee said...

Oh, darn. I would have bet money on you starting the San sock =). It's very nice- I love how the cables carry on from the ribbing.
Spring Fling? Oh, that's good. My school's having a *ahem* Jungle Dance on Friday.
I'm simply screaming with joy, as you can tell.

And tell Mckayla that her sock is BEEEEEEEYOUTIFUL!

Cimorine said...

I LOVE the sock! and cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!! yum!