Saturday, May 2, 2009

FO: Mike's Summer Socks

I spent most of the day cleaning my room, and it doesn't really look any better then when I started, actually right now it looks worse - not everything is put away yet! But, all the little nooks and cranies are as dust free as possible, and there will be room for the stuff I bring back from college - I hope.

Anyways, I finished Mike's socks last night!

Pattern: Just 64 sts, toe up.
Needles: Knitpicks Circ, magic loop 32" 2.25mm.
Yarn: Patons Sock Stretch - Probably 1.25 skeins. This yarn has TONS of yardage.

And my mother's sock will probably be finished tonight! I knit a good 2" last night watching Devil Wears Prada. As for the silk kercheif, I haven't touched it in a week at least, I've been too busy writing papers and journals, etc! Less than two weeks and I'll be done with this semester!

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Cimorine said...

They look great! Brava!