Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cutting Pieces and Some Finnish

I cut out another whole dress today before realizing that I didn't have a proper zipper for it (apparently I needed a 22" one not a 18") and my mom insisted on me using my sewing machine (one that she gave to me after getting another, which has some funky tension stuff going on. The top is going to be the blue/red flowered white fabric, and the bottom is going to be the red. I sort of re-drafted the pattern to be a scoop neck instead of a sweetheart neckline or a high neck.

I always forget to mention what pattern I use - this one which I found a year ago and made a graduation dress out of. It's sort of like a mix-and-match pattern, with 3/4 sleeves, sleeveless, or short sleeves, with a high neck or a sweetheart neckline.I actually need to get some tracing paper to retrace it because the paper for the pattern pieces is falling apart! The dress that I just cut out the pieces for is my fourth out of this pattern. The one in the last post is definitely my favorite so far, though.

I've been knitting pretty consistently despite working, etc, but haven't gotten anything interesting to show. Though, surfing around Ravelry today, I found a really nice simple shawl pattern that I wanted to make. It's in Finnish. Problem? Not with google translator and some help from Ravelry. I did have to laugh at myself though, when I tried to read it until realizing that despite the fact that it was a knitting pattern with charts, I still cannot read/speak/understand Finnish. Period. I figured out how the designer began the shawl through google translator (funny how yarn translated as "wire"), and from ravelry learned that "M" was a double decrease

Even if I don't knit this pattern, I'm still pretty stoked that I could if I wanted to!


Meredith said...

I like your fabric choices/ That dress is really cute.

Mom said...

I have some interfacing somewhere, I think (if you didn't already use it), that I have used to make patterns with. It lasts longer than paper.