Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Day Off.

I've worked one place or another for the past nine days, and happily have today, tomorrow and friday off. (Today was impromptu though, because of my sunburn, which is somehow making me nauseous.)

I have been knitting.

I started a Kai-Mei Sock from Cookie A's book.

And I'm past that now, and on to the gusset/panel.

I started a cowl. (Yes, I will knit on the purple socks and the sweater vest eventually)

I spun and dyed this yarn too, and it has been set aside for a cowl for a long time, just had to get around to it! I think I'm going to go hang out at a friend's tomorrow and swim, and tonight I'm going to spend with a friend I've had plans with two days this week and just forgot about them! I don't normally do that, but work has got me confused!

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