Thursday, June 18, 2009

More of the Same!

Today I had another day off because it poured all day. Literally all day. I guess if the weather is this bad, they just close the waterpark. I knit and hung out with mike most of the day, and I got an awful headache at about 1, and luckily it went away. I couldn't even knit! I started the second handspun sock, because I decided that having two pairs of socks with no mates was not a good idea.

And I've been making headway into my mom's sweater vest. I don't think I can deal with anything besides some nice stockinette right now, and it's really benefiting esp. after I get home from the lake exhausted!

The pattern says to knit only 6" total before the increases for the bust, I did 7". I think mom needs this pattern to be about 2 inches longer than it tells me.

I also made some brownies today, and I decided to layer them - a layer of the brownie batter, some coconut and chocolate chunks and then some more brownie batter. I didn't know if it was going to work, and I couldn't get the batter to cover all the top but I just had one and it was really good!


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Team Knit ! said...

ooh, coconut in the brownies sounds like a great idea!!! I'm loving the yarn you chose for the top sock.

- Julie