Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy August 1st!

It seems to be the beginning of the end - this summer as seen extremely long because I got out of classes in mid May, and normally in high school we got out in June! I had a whole extra month that I was working that normally I was still in class. In a couple more days, I'll start getting ready for Maine, and then be off for a week (posting will continue just as sporadically, there is internet, but dial up at the house and we can visit the library to use their wireless).

I go back to classes the 31st, and I'm going to CCSU (one of Connecticut's state schools) this year, and hopefully for the next couple years; I'll be majoring in Anthropology. I'll actually keep working at Lake compounce until september, but hopefully by then I'll have another job lined up. (My mom said Joann's is hiring? And I might be able to work at the costume shop at Central!)

Anyways, I made a bag last night and went to bed much later than I should have. But! I fixed my sewing machine's problems. It really was just a simple tension issue that I didn't really feel like fiddling with until last night.

And a closure and a shot of the lining:

I think I did make it weird, and I have some ideas to make it less awkward, especially around the strap, and I also just wanted to finish it fast so the lining attachment has some cheap shortcuts in it, and the button is VERY off center. But? I love it and it'll be perfect for maine. I love that it'll carry tons of stuff without using my hands!

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