Monday, September 28, 2009

Blogging On the Run

I've been a little more than just busy. I've been working at Joann's on the weekends, and going to school and working at the costume shop during the week. It's a little crazy. I've been doing more reading though than I did last semester, so I do feel good about that, but my design professor seems to be un-pleaseable. I'm not a perfectionist, the opposite of one in fact, and she seems to be. Oh well. I have an exam tomorrow, and two next week. And of course, I've gotten quite sick before the no-make ups exam. I have to go in for the morning for the exam and I have a once a week class that has a exam review at 4pm!

As for knitting, here's my progress on Damson - which I doubt I'll have enough yarn for - probably have the border be in another color!

And I got this little package from Zipit - I love buying zippers from her, she sends the cutest packages and the zipper are priced right! Ten zippers for under $1 each!

Wish me luck on the exam!

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