Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rhinebeck Part Three: And Now The End

After leaving some sock yarn behind that I could not justify buying, I bought a very similar color at another booth!

Sock yarn from Steam Valley Fiber Farm! Good price and their other sock yarns caught my eye with the bright colors, but I love this color!

And, my huge purchase for the day - Sliver Moon Farm Superwash DK weight 8 ounce skeins : (for audrey in unst, but unfortunately I didn't get gauge so I'm using the small size)

I bought another skein for a sweater vest:

Finally, I bought that handspun I started in the last post at Carolina Homespun - Mike picked it out so I'm spinning it to make socks for him (yes, it has sparkles in it...).

And. The Ravelry party.

We left the fair at 4, both exhausted and tired and I was out of money. We ate dinner at the little pizza place across the street (delicious, it's literally across the street from the fair, almost walkable!). We got to the elementary school the bus was picking people up at at about 545, and we left the party at 7. I really wanted to stay but was just too tired. Maybe next year. But mike and I got goodie bags! Inside was the Knitpicks gloss DK pictured and some Unicorn fiber wash, some flyers, some yarn samples (Miss Babs and Classic Elite). Mike asked for my yarn so he can make a hat (I'm going to teach him how!).

And last of everything - some people with some sweaters. Mary-Heather changed sweaters for the Twist Collective's sample Vivan, and I saw this lovely Wisteria (sort of blocked but she was trying to be warm!) out of MadTosh Worsted, a felted penguin, and some organic yarns I made myself leave behind - again with the too-much-for-sock-yarn problem.

My favorite part of the day though? My first Raveler-Raveler interaction - I literally saw this pullover pattern (February Fitted Pullover) the day before I left and fell in love. Then I saw the designer!

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