Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Garter Stitch

A couple more FOs for this post, first a simple little project as an addition to a bought gift.

It's just a garter stitch square, on size eights 24 sts. I used some leftover cottonease, and I rolled it up like above and tied a ribbon on it to put it in the package.

Another finished object is my cousin's hat: It's just a plain hat pattern, 44 sts (seems a little tight though), out of Lion Brand Woolease Thick and Quick. I love this yarn, and the chunky version of it. I hate the worsted weight version though, at least last time I used it. My manager at Joann's gave everyone christmas gifts, and I of coursed asked what she would like me to knit her - she answered a scarf and I'd like to make it out of Woolease Chunky...nice and quick!

But, here's the hat:

My cousin got a similar one last year and said "how did you know I wear hats like this?", so I made another.

I had some leftover yarn, and the plan is that'll make a matching neckwarmer. I'm going off of this pattern, but I used less stitches.

The scale tells me that I'll have enough for a shorter one, but we'll see...(oh and the background is a new tie fleece blanket I made for myself, I love it!)

And another work in progress - my sister's thorpe.

The plan is to finish those two tonight or tomorrow morning and knit some little socks and mittens as ornaments too. And that's IT! Since I'm on the garter stitch portion of the hat, it should be done soon....in theory.

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