Thursday, December 17, 2009

Working on Christmas!

Christmas is perilously approaching. I'm not really sure what I need to do, a couple of the things that I meant to finish for this week for friends from hartford didn't get finished, so I won't need those til January.

I did alot today, spent too much on gifts/wrapping, but I love giving gifts. It's my favorite part!

I made some labels.

If anyone wants the pdf, just ravelry message me (I'm ibunnysavetroy) and I'll send them to your email.

I also have hand wash ones, and just plain gift tags.

That's what wrapped up in the label - Leyna's Cowl! I hope she likes it.

Pattern: Stacked Eyelet Cowl/Gloria Cowl. Eyelets + 96 sts sock yarn doubled.
Yarn: Superwash sock yarn, my own handdyed.
Needles: size 8 circs.
I kinda just merged the two patterns. I really like how it came out.

This is the inside of Grandpop's driving cap: (I have to properly sew in the stabilizer, I let it block out first.

I put in the peak stablizer yesterday and washed it, and tomorrow hopefully it'll be dry and I'll sew in the snaps and photograph/wrap it.

And this:

Is my pile of finished/unfinished gifts from a couple days ago. Now, the hat and cowl are all done (almost).

My list is as follows:
1. Finish Piper Hat for Inese.
2. Finish socks for my uncle...
3. Finish hat for kimmy, which I haven't even blogged about!
4. Knit coasters for mike's aunt
5. Knit washcloth for mike's mom
6. Knit ornaments for Alex (my step uncle)

The last three might be thrown out. But they're all like little things, so hopefully I'll get them done!

I did finish couple of presents earlier in the year:
Nana's mittens:

Mom's Sweatervest:

And I knit a couple of hats and Max's sweater in November, so really, I could be in alot worse shape!

With that, I leave with all the presents I wrapped today (minus two).

Yup. I'm giving all of those away!


Julie said...

so much awesome knitted gift goodness!! I'm really impressed. I love your labels! I'd definitely love the pdf, although I'd be squireling it away for next year, since this year I opted not to knit any gifts.

Cimorine said...

WOW! I love all your Christmas knitting! I'm nearly done with my Christmas knitting myself. :) I will Ravel-mail you for that cool PDF! :)