Monday, January 18, 2010

Serious Stuff

Dear Knitters (and others too, I suppose!):
Yup, Haiti is kind of not doing so well right now.

In the past when the YarnHarlot has "thrown up" the knit signal for knitters and other normal people to donate to Doctors without borders - I had never donated - never felt like I was in a position too. But this time, I donated. A small bit but some (Joann's has been giving me more hours, I've been saving money on gas, etc), and then Ravelry came out with this Help for Haiti thing.

A lot of designers - a few of my favorites in fact - Ysolda and Adrian , which I will definitely buy patterns from very soon! (mittens and a hat - what else?)

I also added my little Polka Dot Mitten pattern to the bunch - it's only $2, so I will be donating ALL of the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. And as much as we all hope and think this will help - this is all just a drop in the bucket in the lives of the people who are down in Haiti.

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BeccaH said...

That's quite a kind thing for you to do - :)