Thursday, January 7, 2010

WIPs Rolling In

I may or may not have started two more projects yesterday.
And another today (realizing the presents I promised my hartford friends are due soon - they come back in two weeks!) - a hat that shouldn't take long though!

A pair of socks for my sister - out of leftovers from various projects.

Mittens - I cast on almost right after writing that post last night and I knit on them mostly today and I love them already. I'm still getting in the swing of the pattern. (they're fiddlehead mittens! A pattern I've wanted to knit for a while and just now got around to it)

And I may have cast on these things mainly with the intent of using these fabulous DPN WIP (double pointed needle work in progress) tubes I got for christmas!

Yay no more holey purses!

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