Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh Well

So. I'm a little stupid sometimes. I was going to be involved with the Ravelympics but....I cast on yesterday morning, not during the opening ceremonies. So, I have the toe of a very nice sock that I can't enter into it.

Also, I was going to use mike's sweater too, for the WIPs Dancing. Then, I read the fine print (which isn't really fine it's just the official rules that I didn't bother to read), which says that it had to be dormant for a month before yesterday. Oh well!

But anyways, here's the sock I started too early. I'm using Yarnissma's "brainless" pattern.

Sorry the yarn is really hard to photograph!


Julie said...

That yarn is really pretty! Okay, I know it's painful, but if you rip back the sock and start over, you'll be fine. Look how much you had accomplished in only half a day beofre the ceremonies! You can do it, i know you can!

Or- cast on for a different pair of socks? You can never have too many socks.

Hope said...

I love the color of that yarn!

I was so excited to see that the owl bag came in the mail today. It's even more awesome in person!

Tamara said...

This is really pretty! I didn't pull it together to enter the Ravelympics either. Now I wish I did!!! I should really spend more time on Ravelry and less time on Facebook.