Monday, February 8, 2010

WINNER! And other stuff...

HOPE YOU WON! Email me at sam.edgeATsbcglobalDOTnet! I hate this whole blogger system where I don't have emails, but I can't see your profile! I'll give you til wednesday to contact me and then I'll try to pick another winner.

Anyways, today I cleaned off my sewing table. Until now, I've been sewing at my mom's machine which is fine because it's newer and fancier, but it'd be nice to be able to sew up or downstairs. I did sit down to sew a little tonight and realized that I had no scissors, iron, ironing board, pins or thread. I guess I haven't sewn in my room in a while.

I don't have a pair or socks nor a hat to show, but I'm soooo close to finishing the hat!

And, I'm going to compete in the Ravelry Olympics! I wound some yarn.

I think I'm going to do two events : the Sock Hockey with some blue yarn up there and then WIP Dancing for mike's sweater. I want to finish it! I'm off to finish my hat and maybe sew some (for Becca! I bought the fabric today!) later tonight.

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ColorSlut said...

Look at all that delicious fabric. YUMMY! I had to read your first line twice because I thought you were saying Hope you won. As in hope someone one. Not the name Hope. LOL - too funny!