Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm sorry. I'm a bad blogger. But I've gotten better at life. I've been making bags for etsy, doing homework, working, seeing friends (gasp!), going to school - I even cleaned the bathroom after my mom telling me to a million times.

Honestly, the reason I haven't been blogging since the Ravelry Olympics? This. This mile of green knit fabric is why.

I know it's Mike's sweater, and I know it's going to look awesome, but the worry is creeping in. What if it's too long? (very possible, it's about 19" long but that is what he wants, he says) Too big? I know he'll like it, it's green it will have a zipper. But I'm worrying, and this pattern, I like it, but it's a little odd. I'm missing stitches or I have too many, and I swear I've done it right! I channeled EZ and I just got the right amount of stitches - I fudged it. And, I think at this point, I've got nothing to lose, I'm going to finish it, and if it doesn't fit? I'll cut my losses and start over with another pattern. Anyone know of a worsted weight sweater for a guy with a zipper? Those are Mike's requirements!

But, I'm planning on finishing the side (I know. that's a side there on top, but the damn thing curls so it looks like a sleeve!) tonight and starting the sleeve in the round. (Yes, I know gauge changes from flat to round, but I did my Audrey sweater like that, and I HATE FLAT STOCKINETTE. And I like seaming to an extent!)

But anyways, in other knitting news, I've gotten no where on my brother's scarf, but I have started a new pair of socks.

Another beginning of Brainless by yarnissmia. So pretty, and I'm loving the way the yarn knits up too! But I have to knit mike his sweater, he's very patient, but he "gently" reminds me often that he is cold and how nice it would be to have sweater! Thanks for putting up with my absence, I will try to post more regularly now!


ColorSlut said...

I made my honey a sweater. It zips, which he wanted. But the sleeves came out wdy too long. I need to fix it - but have not done so yet. Do you have his measurements? Just double check them and you'll be fine!

Julie said...

the sweater looks great so far! the colour is awesome. and that sock is so pretty!

Melanie said...

I stumbled across your blog through that "next blog" button (I am addicted to it!) and just had to say... it happens to me all the time! That whole having-the-incorrect-number-of-stitches-even-though-I-know-I-followed-the-pattern correctly. Sometimes I know it's me, other times I swear its the pattern. But a few stitches never really matters, and I'm sure the jumper will looks fine in the end. Loving the colour, btw. Happy knitting!