Monday, March 15, 2010


I finished a sock. I'm thinking about knitting shawls though, so it's really had to plow through these last "winter" projects. I want to finish mike's sweater ASAP, and of course he probably won't have cold enough weather to wear it til this December! I'm working on a scarf for ben (my little brother) but I doubt he'll need that for a while now. I want to knit cotton sweaters and lace shawls, and I'm not letting myself cast on for anything new until I at least finish something!

I'm a little past the elbow (I think, well it's that far on me!), and I want to finish it this week. My spring break is next week so I'm hoping to finish the sweater (hope!).

I did at least finish A sock. I love it. That is all. I've listed some new bags and I do have more to list. Life has been a little crazy, so I'm trying to set aside weekly (instead of daily) time to make bags.


Julie said...

that sock is gorgeous!! I love that colourway, and the cabling detail is great.

ColorSlut said...

Great sock - what is the pattern?