Friday, April 9, 2010


First things first - I got an order Wednesday night from Evelyn Clark! (Like who designed the Swallowtail Shawl and tons of other gorgeous shawls, socks, etc!) I offered to give her a discount because I love her work so much and was honored that she bought from my store, and she responded and wanted to send me one of her patterns! I couldn't believe it. She was very sweet and told me that she was glad I was making cute drawstring bags! I was very excited as you probably can tell.

Anyways. I wanted to show a sock I've started working on, my namesake socks.

The red isn't showing up to well but I really am liking knitting with it, you can find it here on etsy. It's a BFL/nylon blend that I've been wanting to try out. There's none of it up now, but I am drolling a little over some of the merino alpaca sock yarn up there! I'm glad I like the BFL, because I may have bought more....

This is Liberty Yarn's BFL Nylon blend - Bluetopia! Her website is here and I high suggest checking it out. I found the site a couple weeks ago, and I've been looking at it occasionally and I always thought her prices were good...then, she had a sale. I bought the yarn monday it was at my house thursday! We're on opposite coasts! Good shipping.

And that is "Jabbersocky" a Corriedale and nylon blend. I'm planning on some socks for mike with it.

I have the day off from school and I'm planning on knitting and doing some sewing for the shop!

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Julie said...

That's so awesome!! I'm glad your shop is doing well! so much pretty yarn in this post, but I have to comment on the name Jabbersocky- best. yarn name. ever.