Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beach Bags and Sweater Vests

I made a couple purses again last night. I've decided to start making tote bags for my etsy shop, and I made one last night, and I'm very happy with it. Now, I have to stop buying the fabric and actually make the bags, right?

It's really big and I made it with the beach in mind. I even made mike wait for me to get my sunglasses so I could pretend I was going to the beach while it rained in the background!

I also made a purse for my friend Shaina, who asked if she could commission one, but her birthday is this week, so another friend bought the fabric and I made the purse for her birthday!

It was my first foray into magnetic snaps, and I really like them in my purses so I put on in her's! I plan to make similar purses for the shop soon!

In knitting news, now that I finished that pair of socks for mike, I have one goal this summer: downsize the stash. I started with that sweatervest I got the yarn for at rhinebeck last year!

It's not much now, but I've been flying on it when I have been knitting on it. I'm making it longer than the original pattern and I hope I have enough yarn. If not, I have some extras of a different color.

I really want to go to Rhinebeck this year, and a couple weeks ago I called up my knitting friend and had a talk. I told her if we stopped buying yarn and saved up our money and just knit from the stashes, we were allowed to go to rhinebeck. I told her all I could forsee myself "needing" this summer is some yarn for a sweater for my little cousin and a sweater for my mom. But I don't need it. I have enough yarn for about 8 pairs of socks. I think I can keep busy this summer, don't you?

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ColorSlut said...

What fun bags! I'm glad you are carring them now.