Monday, May 10, 2010

Two Bags!

I made a couple purses tonight. I'm out of interfacing (at least both kinds I normally use) so they're both kind of floppy, but I don't think the recipients will care.

That one is for my friend mollee, and if you knew her you would think it's perfect, because the fabric just screams her name! I know she'll love it.

This one is for mike's mom, who has asked for purse since I started making them, so I made this one - more of a tote, and I think it'd be perfect for the beach, since it's so floppy.

I also started a new shawl:

It's not very interesting - Yet!

1 comment:

ColorSlut said...

Wow. The bags are wonderful! I love the butterfly one - you should sell it on your shop.