Friday, July 16, 2010

Tangling Silk and Gloves

I haven't been doing much - it's been very hot recently and there is no end in sight! But I did manage to finish Mike's Gloves! I'll have a real FO post when they dry!

And I've been working on a shrug for my aunt, and it's coming along nicely until this happened.

Apparently Debbie Bliss Pure Silk is very tangly, and I can't get this mess untangled. I have like 5 more skeins to wind! But it still looks very nice, and is very soft.


Julie said...

those gloves look awesome!! and silk is sooo tangly, you're right....

Andi Pants said...

I love the gloves. I keep telling myself that my next project will be a pair of cabled gloves but I keep starting other things.

I hate tangly yarn. I spent like 3 hours winding a particularly rude skein one night. Luckily the next skein didn't tangle at all. I hope your other skeins are more cooperative.

Anneli Meyer Korn said...

I think that it (maybe) has to do with a lack of inherent twist. Wool, with its natural crimp, likes to twist - and, when you spin, you work with this, then balance the twist when you ply. (I'm sounding very officious here, sorry.) But silk- like cotton- is different, and I tend to over-spin it to give it the bounce that makes it behave more like wool yarn.

And the pictures are soooo exciting!