Friday, July 30, 2010


I'm on vacation. Thank god - I really need some time to just sit and do nothing - well to be precise, have nothing to do. I got up to Squam Lake at about 10:20pm last night after stopping by WEBs on the way, to get yarn for mom's sweater. I thought their Valley Yarn Northampton was on sale, but the sale ended wednesday. Oh well, it still was very cheap for a sweater. When I got here last night, I didn't see anything so I went around to acquaint myself, and of course to take pictures.

I'm staying in this house, which is about 20 feet from the dock you see above.

My cousins' other grandma, who I'm not related to but who has had a long relationship with my mom's family, including (obviously) my uncle marrying into the family, owns the house and my cousins are staying here for the summer. One of them is currently with her boyfriend in canada and the other is working a lot but honestly -I don't mind being mostly alone, it's nice! Especially after dealing with customers a lot at Joanns....

I haven't gone swimming yet, I'm thinking tomorrow. It's a little chilly here, and I only brought one sweater, no handknit sweaters! I brought a lot of socks with me though.

No, I don't normally wear socks with sandals in public, thanks for asking, but they do show off my nice purple socks nicely.

I drove my cousin to work this afternoon and then did a little belt/sweater shopping to no avail (I'm thinking if it gets much colder, I will just go to Walmart and pick up a Hanes sweater or something). I forgot a belt, and I only brought two pairs of pants. I think I brought my capris though, but I thought I was an overpacker! Not for this trip I guess...

I went to a LYS but didn't buy anything. There's a couple other LYSes around though!

After shopping, this is what I did for the afternoon - watched Buffy, and knit on the porch in the hammock-bed thing. I got pretty far on Max's Steggie.

Oh and that owl bag - I made it for ME! But I have more fabric - anyone interested? I'm in love with it. I have matching stickers.

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