Saturday, September 11, 2010

Of Laptops and Shawls

Hi there! I finally got my new laptop! So far I'm not totally in love with windows 7 but mike pointed out that it's change, and I hate change initially. Also, I'm still trying to figure out how to make my email come to this computer without any pit stops first. Not too successful with that quite yet.

But of course, I've had the computer less than 24 hours and I've finished a little laptop sleeve for it!

Don't you love how the button pattern echos the fabric pattern?

It took me about half a yard of each fabric and about an hour, not including a quick trip to joanns to buy a new button, the one I had didn't match at all. This button was actually too big for the automatic buttonholer, but I had a great button-hole teacher back at the costume shop so I did it by myself, not the best button hole but it works.

And although I blogged about freaking out about christmas gifts, I didn't actually start any until a couple days ago.

This is a Brandywine shawl (LOVE the pattern, I want to make another for myself!) for my former coworker Shaina. The yarn is one from Rhinebeck, Steam Valley Fiber sock yarn that's on the thinner side but has a generous 485 yards in the skein! I made a couple of mistakes but I think we're good from here on out!

Work called me off and told me I didn't have to work tonight (going to get a whopping $32 check next week...) so I'm headed to hartford to visit some friends!

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Julie said...

very cute laptop case! And that lace shawl already looks amazing, and usually unblocked lace looks like a disaster. Can't wait to see your final result, it's going to be stunning!