Sunday, October 31, 2010

Skirt, Scarf, and Stitches!

Just wanted to show the wings I wore with my skirt. I didn't keep them on long, they got too hard to wear in around without injuring others.

I love it, and I also made a fascinator, which was fun.

I really hope I get to wear this costume again!

My mother has been knitting!

She had some handspun from my aunt she's using for a scarf!

Mckayla and I went to stitches east! I got some very unexciting photos of inside and this:

And I bought this:

I love the color (Skinny BUGGA!) and it's also my mom type color.

And this:

That's some Malabrigo Lace for mike's mom's shawl. I wound it tonight so I'll start soon!

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