Monday, November 8, 2010


I have been knitting. I finished a scarf, only to finally admit to myself that yes, the yarn was in fact too itchy for a scarf. So it's waiting to be frogged for slippers! I also finished my sister's infinity scarf, but have not blocked it. I stacked my sister's on top, and I'm going to frog my brother's scarf underneath soon!

It's hard to pick colors for my brother and sister because they both like green, but I think I did pretty well staying away from the same green in this instance at least!

I also finished a sock - the Nemesis socks, but I'm waiting until Nana can try one on to see if it's too tight.

I really like it though, it was really fun to knit and I think that's why I finished it so fast. The only problem is that the decreases pull in on the fabric of the socks so it's a little hard to put on. But so pretty!

And finally, a shawl I started for Mike's mother for christmas. I bought the yarn at stitches, I went there with a mission, I wanted Bugga! yarn and some laceweight for the Annis Shawl, and I came away with some Malabrigo lace. I love the colors!

I still have been knitting a bit on my mom's sweater. Most of my recent projects, like everything I just wrote about, are Christmas projects, but my mom's sweater can probably wait until her birthday in January!

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tinacraft said...

found your blog by clicking next blog. your knitting looks great!