Monday, January 10, 2011

Yellow Heels and Sweaters

Now that I've gone back to work, I have a lot less down time! I've been sewing for that wholesale order, and luckily, we might have a snow day Wednesday. I'm working tomorrow and taking the day off wednesday so I can stay in and sew! (I need to sew 5 more box bags, and I'd like to update the shop a bit!)

As for knitting I haven't been doing much. My mom's birthday festivities were this past weekend and I put the pieces for the sweater in a gift bag, everyone thought it was funny that I hadn't QUITE finished it yet! I'm currently working on the sleeves.

Other than that? I started a toddler sized sock for my cousin, and that's it! I also went to a consignment shop with some friends yesterday, where I drooled over the purses and walked away from them when I saw the prices! I did get some heels, $5!


Cimorine said...

wow, nice heels! and nice sleeves, too! what sweater are you working on. I have no down time, either. (sigh)

Kenoshia said...

Score on the heels! They're so cute. I have too much down time since my school break is a whole month...Ugh. The sleeves are looking good.

Julie said...

those yellow heels are so amazing!! I love that they aren't too high, they look so wearable. What an amazing find!