Sunday, February 25, 2007

little post it drawing.

I've never actually created a pattern. But old Navy has tempted me to do so. As in, they had this cute cabled short sleeved cardigans that were cotton and cheap. And who had bought a large amount of cotton yarn about four months ago? Me. So i'm going to attempt it. Hopefully it works.
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My bad little post it note drawing. The things on the side are how i'm planning to do the shaping. Something to do with uncabled sts on the side and those sts are going to be a differnt color? Maybe. I'm not sure. But the st pattern: just a four st cable and two purl sts. So I might not need shaping. But it is cotton.
I know way too much about fibers.
Reynolds cotton yarn, I'm not sure of the actual name. And size eights, hopefully.

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