Monday, February 26, 2007

Socks and Yarn, socks and yarn. (And a Snow day)

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That's the other thing I'm working on. You know those little socks that you wear with flats? Well, they are not nice to my feet, so I thought I could make some. That was a while ago and I realized I had no idea how to make socks a the time. So then I made socks and the Twinkle toes from knitty and then I realized that they were the same construction. So I figured the ratio and did some math and I think (THINK) I can make some. And that figuring is what I did above.
Another thing. About that cardigan I mentioned in the last post - my camera died, so I had to scan the swatch. I have the below yarn, a green, a goldish bronze and two skeins of white. So stripes it is.
And the swatch:
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I think that's on the eights, and I really like the st definition.

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Ilix said...

nice pattern! Is the yarn nice to work with? can't watit to see the sweater!