Saturday, March 10, 2007

Homework, Nerves and Cars.

So while I didn't go out much today it was an interesting past few days. Last night, I went to a "Prom". I have a friend who is dating a girl who needs to go to training before actual prom, so we had a fake one. Now, keep in mind that two of the couples last night were lesiban couples. We took pictures with "boys" (there are quotation marks for a reason) and girls. It was very funny and interesting in the end. Thru all this I was diligently knitting mike's sweater vest (what a pain all the plain stst has become) and I have about 1.5 inches to go (!!!).
And then, this afternoon, (drumroll please)I learned how to drive. A little scary and exciting, but I think I did well!
And tonight I finished the back of the sweater vest, but I'm going to wait and take pictures before I do the arm bands and neck band.

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