Sunday, March 4, 2007

I FINISHED (actually, now I just have pictures)

Pictures!! (I got to be a foot model!!)
(credit to the self-proclaimed hot-sexy-camera man)
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More later. I blame the hot-sexy camera man.
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So I finished the socks, and the next day I started on my sweater (as I explained below). Well, I finished it, decided it was too small, made some adjustments and ripped it back. I am now knitting it a second time (yaY). I'll post pictures when it's done.
I also got yarn for mike's sweater vest - acutally ended up being REd heart super saver, because woolease wasn't in the right colors (he actually wanted this ugly color that looked like someone ate stew and then pucked on the yarn...). So I'll cast on for that after I finish the sweater. Keep in mind that I have to finish the sweater vest by the 29th!!!(eek!)
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And isn't that weird? The trees were steaming. Like they were breathing!!! I know I sound craqzy, but I promise I'm not, they were really steaming...

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simplyducky said...

Trees do breathe! Just in reverse of animals (in terms of oxygen and carbon dioxide).