Saturday, March 3, 2007

My frustration with a VERY nice looking Sweater Pattern

So I went on today, and saw the cutest cardigan. It was Ubernatural, in magknits. So I found some acrylic yarn that a friend gave me, and knit a couple swatches, and finally decided on a needle size and then cast on. It's a very chunky knit, 7 sts for 4 inches, so I figured I could possibly finish tonight (!!!).
So then I started to read the pattern.
Row 1: (WS) Knit.
Now, if its the wrong side in a flat pattern, wouldn't you purl? So I did. That's fine, moving on. So then the next row was raglan increases: yo, pm, yo. Two yarn overs in a row? WTF? So I look at the picture. There is definitely a knit st between the yarn overs. So I add the extra st. I get to the end of the row and well, I don't have enough sts (how surprising). So then I try and go to craftster, to see if they have any suggestions. Well, craftster is down at the moment. I hate them all.
And here is a picture, so you understand my misery (notice the unfinished, abandoned endpaper mitts under all of this):
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Edited: Ok, I think I've the pattern fixed, I substracted four sts, two from the side sections and two from the middle one, and then all the stitchs fit!!
But this experience definelty made me much less excited about Ubernatural. Oh well. I get new yarn tomorrow!!

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