Thursday, April 5, 2007

Yarn is taking over my life.

So, I am sorry for neglecting things for a few days, but I've been knitting my little (not really) fingers off. Remember the yarn from the last post? The cherry tree hill is almost devoured in to a SECOND sock. And the little socks from before that? Entirely ignored. Opps.

But now I'm worried that I'll finish the second pair of socks, and then I'll nothing to do on the trip I'm going on next weekend! Oh, what will I do?

I am thinking about making Grumperina's version of these socks. Remember how I had an Eunny Jang phrase, and well, now I am having a Grumperina stage, between the Jaywalkers, and those green socks!

I am sorry for the lack of pictures, my camera died!!!

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