Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun, and Good

So I took it. The AP US history exam. I think I passed! *knock on wood*. But it was easier then I thought. I'm glad I stressed and studied, though. However, I had a few (several) break downs today. First, I didn't get to go immediately home, and then I was SOOO hungry, and then I had to go to my new JOB (at Friendly's!!!) to give them my passport to prove I'm not an illegal citizen.


So knitting.

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I know it looks like nothing, but I'm making two socks at once with magic loop for my brother using the yarn left over from these, and from these, (look farther down).

It's so neat and orderly knitting them both at once. I keep thinking I won't have enough yarn, but I then remember that I don't NEED to knit a second. However, I don't like how the two balls get tangled together. Little things.

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