Saturday, November 24, 2007

Not Fair

Remember how I told you all a while ago that I was invovled in my school's play? Well, lack of sleep and the constant moving made me really sick. Sore throat, coughing, etc - I couldn't even sleep.

Well, it's two weeks later and I'm sick again. It was pretty awful yesterday, but I feel better today. Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US, and I went over my grandpa's house. There wasn't any corn. You need corn at Thanksgiving, and we didn't have any thursday or on Friday when we went over my nana's house.

But the pie! There was an AMAZING chocolate creme pie. Like with cheesecake consistency, and it was like eating stacked chocolate bars. Yumm.

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Charade - I finally finished one, and I got the thumbs up from my uncle - he says they fit.

And do you know what it did on tuesday? SNOWED! Not just a little flurry - we actually had snow on the ground the entire day until it started to rain at about 3.

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As for print, I'm VERY near the end. 60 repeats out of 84! So close!

I also put in two orders for yarn betwee today and tomorrow, both for christmas presents. And my birthday is next monday (not this one, the next one, the 3rd)! So exciting!

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Queen of the froggers said...

Have a lovely birthday on the 3rd! Your socks and the shawl you are knitting look great.