Monday, January 28, 2008

You Wish You Knew Me....

I've been reading and poking around for some new blogs to read daily, and soon I'm going to up date my "daily wanderings" because honestly, except for Trine and Grumperina, I don't read any of those blogs anymore.

This is another reason I love Ravelry, when I add someone as a friend, I am updated about their blog on the "Friend's Blogs" page. So if I like someone's blog's style, then I can just add them and not have to bookmark it. It's great.

But all this reading has got me thinking about how I write. I write thinking my readers (the few, the proud!) know who I am. And you really don't. You don't know alot about me, like my favorite food, or how I'm almost sure that I have a sugar addiction (is that possible?).

I've finished my father's socks!


Photobucket (calf shaping)

Pattern: Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge pattern, from Knitting Vintage socks
Needles: size 0 dpns
Size: 7" inch cuff, 11.5" foot
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Pewter, two skiens (with a little bit left over)
Mods: I added calf shaping and decreased down to 70 sts in the leg. I did a bit of fudging on the heel and instep.


I sort of want to cataloge my life so I remember, so from now on, I want to photograph everything. Not just knitting. This will most likely start this coming weekend, I'm going to Ludlow, VT with my mom's side of the family so they can ski/snowboard and I can sled, ice skate and knit. And the camera will be on hand during all of this.

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Floderten said...

I know what you mean. Something funny/dreadful/annoying/interesting happens in life, and you blog about it and you want to say "well, you all know how I reacted!" ... but they don't. :P

It's really.. I guess it's just about how much of yourself you share with the world, you know? I have a tendency to 'over-share' because I'm certain that others will want to know how my trip to the doctor went. ;)
And then other times when something interesting or exciting happens, I don't blog about it because people might find it offensive or gross or not interesting at all!

Blogging is actually not as easy as it seems, huh!

(beautiful pictures of you and your friends knitting, by the way!)