Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spinning, No Knitting!

I've been chugging away on Muir and Mike's Socks, but no blogworthy progess. I've knitted about a repeat and a half on muir. But really, there are only 13 repeats (I might do only 12 because of yardage), and there are 125 stitches. 1.5 repeats is alot!

I've been spinning quite a bit though. I've finally figured out what I'm doing wrong. I thought(!) that two plies only went together with two opposite twists, and recently I had laid awake at night think about how that didn't make sense, and then I did some extra reading....and I've been plying wrong. But the yarn I've make already is pretty balanced.


This is only about 20 yards, but I plan on spinning up some of the same weight/color scheme and some fingering weight and knitting some slippers.

I don't know if I told you, but this whole spinning thing is for a class. I'm doing an independent study for school, and they have all this extra wool (really crappy itchy stuff, but still) and I've been spinning it during the day too. I've actually been taking pictures there too.

They have a swift that I use for myself once and a while! It actually was broken, and I had to fix it by tying it together with yarn!

(the school's swift)
(singles without being washed first - I over spin, I'm trying to fix it)
Singles I spun out of the fiber I bought. A little sheddy, but very shiny.

So there was a large snowy storm yesterday, and now it's like snow versus rain. The snow, last I saw was holding up pretty well. But there are puddles everywhere, and I'm sure there'll be some of my friends houses flooded soon.

Yup, those are puddles.

My class went to my boyfriend's college to do research. And the library - I just had to take a picture of it.


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