Friday, March 21, 2008

Fiber Friday

I've been sitting here most of the day (it's Good Friday, no school) frustrating myself with money calculations. There's no possible way to get an apartment and car to have in college while only working part time. I thought that maybe I could save money, but I really couldn't. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that my school is in a very ritzy part of the town. I mean, I will be living there first semester, so I can't change that, but man, $12000 in loans, it blows my mind. But there doesn't seem to be a way around it unless I go to a different school.

So about that knitting.

After I finished that first cabled sock, I was so surprised that I sort of just stopped knitting on it. (I also had realized that my mom's scarf was lonely)

And look at this weird obsession with cables I've got going on:


All of them have cables. I finally figured out the socks, and they're going along quite nicely now. I haven't knit on the Printed Silk Cardigan in a while because of the lack of wooden needles, but that has cables in it too!

On to the fiber.


This is that merino I thought spinning enough for a shawl out of, then I came to my senses. I wanted to spin thicker and this is what happened. Around 60 yds of sport weight yarn, Navajo plied.

I'm going to go torture myself with money calculations and hide from the looming shadow of the final draft of my research paper.


Genuine_Lye said...

Cables are a deadly addiction. I love them to pieces. They're just so plushy and pretty and...

I'm just warning you; you don't get over them quickly!

Fiber Chic said...

Your handspun looks really pretty! Thanks for the comment!