Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nothing Interesting.....

I finished one - but not the other. Apparently I was supposed to have them done by tomorrow (he has a concert), but well, I only have the cuff of the other.

I also finished my handspun socks... Not too exciting, besides the fact that they look nothing alike!


Pattern: Toe up, short row heel and toe, over 50sts.
Yarn: My own handspun
Needles: size 2s
Mods: n/a

Nothing else interesting to show, I'm thinking about frogging Muir, and I've hibernated her...But I'll probably work on her in the summer, so I don't know. I haven't knit anything on my sweater, besides about three rows this weekend (I had too much energy this weekend to knit). I figure I'll make the body shorter. When I knit the sleeve, I had just finished decreases, then it said knit until it's about 12" - I was already there! The yarn must stretch out alot...

Maybe I should only blog when I have an FO? That would lead to less rambling.


Mike P. Brown said...

I enjoy rambling.

Floderten said...

If I only blogged when I had an FO, I would blog... about three times a year. ;)

We likes the rambling. It provides amusement while at work. :D