Monday, March 31, 2008

What Fiber Stash?


With these two skeins, I have officially spun up ALL my fiber stash. (I need more. Recently, I spin while at home at night and knit during class. It's a great system.)

I finished two skeins total of the green stuff, it's a heavy DK weight, and if I take some of it that I have that's 2-ply and knit it along with some black sock yarn for the heels and toes, I think I can get a pair of socks out of it. (It's superwash and oh-so bouncy. It makes me happy.)

The white, however, I have four little skeins of, this being the most consistent of them all. I can actually use only 3 skeins of it, because the 4th is about a laceweight (which I might just double up and use two strands of). In any case, I'm going back to my LFS (local fiber store) and getting some more superwash roving. It's soooo slippery, but so easy to spin and I'd love some nice handspun, handdyed and handknit socks (too many hands in that process, but they're all mine!).

I'm going to dye those little four skeins red and hopefully knit my uncle some fingerless gloves with it. (I might be finishing these on the plane)

And here's a few little glimpses of that sock pattern I'm writting:


(This is the non-girly version, I'm going to have a test knitter knit a girl one with a picot edging and a gusset heel)



Anonymous said...

I <3 the blue handspun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on finishing the stash! Now you're officially allowed to buy at least a year's more! ;)

And pwetty socks...