Monday, April 7, 2008

I Promised Knitting

This post will be about knitting. I promise.

Well, first off, I dyed some yarn this weekend. Red. Really, really Red. I used Jacquard acid dyes. I did a stupid thing, though. Everything was going great, I was outside, "cooking" the dye and yarn on the camp stove (my mom was convinced the steam was toxic - it's not). I took it out, let it cool and rinsed. I then noticed a little problem. I tied it with cotton ties, but the bits under the cotton ties didn't take dye. Opps. So I waited about a day and a half, and tried to re-dye it in the mircowave, which worked, but not amazingly. I have little pinkish-white spots now. In the glove, though, it doesn't look that bad.



And a bit of the glove (I'm knitting it hand part down)


The real color is a vibrant but not as electric red as that. It's really beautiful, and I might have to dye some yarn I haven't spun. I'm plotting already.

OH! I got the needles for the sweater. (printed silk cardigan)


And this is really making me want to finish. (I'm using the same yarn, different colorway)

That scarf I showed last post is Lace Ribbon, with Dream in Color Smooshy Sock yarn, in Dusky Auroa. It's lovely, but I hate scarves. I really do. But my aunt will LOVE it (purple, and the pattern just suits her)

I think I'm going to order some undyed yarn and play around with it.


floderten said...

I love the idea of knitting scarves, and then when I'm half-way through, I loathe it. It's like ... never-ending!

I so wish my silk had worked out for that cardigan. I'll get another silky cardigan, of course (there is no way in hell I'm going to let ~1800 yards of pure silk go to waste) but I really like that one. Maybe one day I'll get some of the Frog Tree yarn. :) It's looking awesome so far!

Oh - and awesome yarn. :) When I move out I'm going to try my hand at dying, too!

ajknitz said...

I love the little pink spots. Maybe next time you dye yarn you could do that on purpose with possibly some more ties and see what happens....