Friday, May 2, 2008

Fiber Friday!

This next week might not have any posts, and it might end up with me posting every day. It really depends on the AP tests, and if I've studied, if I feel like studying, and if I start crying after the test. I have a scheduled break down on May 9 (I just decided it'd be a good day, being after the AP tests and all), so I should be fine until then!

But Fiber. I have been having TONs on fun with fiber, spinning and knitting wise. I finished two single socks, the jaywalker and the roommate sock, bit the roommate sock won't see the light of day for a while (I have other things I need to finish), and the jaywalker I plan on finishing for monday or at least thursday (I want some nice new socks for one of the AP tests).

I spun up the Verb for Keeping Warm Roving


It matches the day. I'm getting bored of photographing knitting and yarn, I really wish I had've taken photography. It's raining - not actual rain drops, just drizzling.

And my boots got wet.


Then, the flowers called to me.


(I really want my grandpop's camera. I don't know what kind it is, all I know is it has a big lens, and those are normally better cameras then ones with the small lens)

Oh, and there's the fiber and a bit of yarn I bought in WEBs (yeah, I'm going on a yarn diet).



Some merino Gail gave to me (SAME colorway as the socks, how cool is that!).


Plain old BFL I plan on dying (doesn't it remind you of clouds?).


And some sock yarn for a baby surprise jacket.


That's all my fiber. Now off to spin the silk and watch some Lost.


fiberfiend6891 said...

Lucky...all your AP's done by May 9th...I can't have a breakdown until May 12, after Physics! Except that's a Monday, and could have adverse effects on the rest of my week.

What I hate about AP's is that you still have to think afterwards...even though your brain is squished, there are still finals in other classes...*sigh*

guiltypleasures said...

Good luck with your AP's and thanks for the beautiful fiber photos. I know what you mean though about the wish of taking photography.